News September 2015

I want to acknowledge the efforts of everyone in our school community who have contributed to making Term 3 a rewarding space of time in our school year.
We wind up towards the end of the year in Term 4. Reports, Muster, ECE camp, Christmas Party all loom as key moments to look forward to in the last quarter of the school year.
Term 3 has been in some ways consolidating and at the same time unsettling in that it has heralded changes that will have an effect on how we as a school do our business into the future.
Consolidating in that we have some new state of the art sets arriving (and arrived) from SIDE that we are in the process of implementing into a new order of sets that will bring consistency and structure into the sets that go home. This structure is implemented across all year levels. This will eradicate the element of “hit and miss” that has occurred in some classes in some years in the past. The set order and content is mandated and this will ensure consistency.
Unsettling, in that we have had confirmation that the school will be losing a degree of funding as part of the shift to the one line budget process. The amount is set at 25% of the current funding level spread over 5 years. That is a 5% reduction per year for five years.
The school is well placed to absorb the cuts over the next 2-3 years. In my opinion past that point we may start entering into unchartered waters.
Until then I will continue to try to ensure that the school continues to function in a prudent and efficient manner.

Core Business

In light of the above mentioned element of uncertainty I would like to list what I consider our core business and this will indicate to the school community what I consider is the level of service that the school needs to be able to offer. When this core business is under threat from finances then that is the time that I believe the school will have real concerns.
1) Class size – max 12 students
2) Home Tutors Seminar
3) End of year Muster(Perth)/ECE Camp (Broome)
4) 2 visits per family per year
5) Mini camp/s
6) Canberra Camp (bi –annual)
These elements are what compliment the day to day Air Lessons and Set work.

Canberra Camp

I discussed with School Council that as an interim and possible long term measure we will offer the bi-annual Canberra Camp to Year 5 students. This is necessitated by the fact that if we do lose the Year 7’s and the fact that the camp is held every second year, some children would miss out if it was only offered to Year 6 students.
The camp being organised for 2016 therefore will be open to year 5,6 & 7 students. The current per student cost to families is $300.

CRE 2016

The School Council has agreed to Christian Religious Education being offered during 2016.
The organisation that offered the service to our school is YouthCARE. This is the organisation that John Spurgeon belongs to. YouthCARE has been informed that the school will run with the concept next year. The lesson/s will be voluntary. How it will look is that it may be 1 or 2 sessions across the week. We of course have issues with access and any lessons will have to find a spot in an already crowded bandwidth. The lessons will probably be offered from Term Two.

Muster numbers

Please make sure that Kellie has your information in terms of your intention as to whether or not your child is attending Muster/ECE camp at the end of the year. The logistics of air fares and Camp School bookings is a fairly demanding task and you can expedite the process by letting her know your intention in a timely fashion.


I was very pleased to pass Mathletics Award of Merit to Lochee Foreshaw, Tia Ford and Lachlan O’Brien. I am proud to see young Math students challenging themselves and demonstrating mastery of concepts. Congratulations to those three students. Well done. I hope you display your Certificates proudly.

Tables Challenge

I hope students are working hard to learn their 4 and 5 times tables. Don’t forget to ring me up when you are ready for your test. I would like to make mention of the efforts of Clancy and Darcy Ingram and Pippa and Shae Ford who have all achieved the 4 and 5 times table certificate. I would also mention William Westlake who achieved his 5 times certificate. Of course after 4 and 5 times we move onto 6 and 7’s.

School Development Days

Thursday and Friday of Week One, Term 4 will be School Development Days. There will be no Air Lessons on these two days. During that time the teachers will be working establishing the Set Work order and looking at new elements of the reporting process.
Year 7
Families with students currently in Year 6 will need to consider where their student will be doing Year 7 in 2016. Currently KSOTA is allowed to offer Year 7. Please advise me of your intent.


NAPLAN information has been mailed to all the families who had students who sat the test. Teachers at KSOTA have looked at the results and have made judgements about how any deficits can be addressed. Grammar and Punctuation presented as an area that some students didn’t perform as expected and the teachers concerned are looking at ways that these areas can be addressed.
NAPLAN presents us all with challenges and a good topic for discussion. At the school level we at KSOTA look at it as an opportunity to accumulate data and access results of one test on one day.

Thank you

Finally, I would like to once again acknowledge everyone’s efforts to help make KSOTA the school that it is.
From the P&C selling merchandise to the students working hard with their Tutors and everyone else in between, we all make a contribution to our school.
“Together in Isolation.”
Have a great Term break.
Air Lessons and Muster begin again on Monday 12th October.

Paul Noble

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