News June 2015

I would like to start my news by thanking everyone for their efforts over the past 11 weeks. I have seen some wonderful set work and we have achieved some great visits across the term.
It seems a long time ago since we were at HTS but I am happy to state that I believe that we as a school achieved some great things during that week. I observed some first rate presentations and I know that the objective of bringing Professional Development to all of the attending Home Tutors was achieved. The students had a great time across the week as well!
The Scitech visit was a great event in Term 3 as well. I know that the students who attended had a great time.
Home visits rolled out and of course they will continue next term as we make the most of good travel conditions.
Thanks again for your effort to make Term 3 a productive time for KSOTA.

Term 3 Camp

I am very happy to state that planning for the Term 3 camps is well under way. The dates for the camps are Monday 17th August through to Friday 21st August.
The K-3 Camp will be held at Liveringa Station. The Yr 4-7 will be held at KSOTA in Derby. I know that initial information has been sent to all families. More information will be sent to families early next term.
I would like to thank Karen O’Brien for making the camp at Liveringa possible.
The camps both have themes. The K-3 theme is “Fantasy” and the Yr 4-7 camp is a sports camp with the emphasis on teamwork. Both events promise to be a great opportunity for the students to work with their peers and teachers.


Reports have been finished and they are being mailed to families on Wednesday 1st July.


KSOTA has a new website. Have a look at It will be added to as we proceed.

Term 3 Sets

The staff at KSOTA has worked hard throughout Term 3 to organise the structure of the sets that will be going home during Term 3. We have received the new sets that have been written by SIDE and a great deal of thought has been put into how our sets will look into the future.
We have included some commercial workbooks that will assist Home Tutors with their daily activities and each year level will use the same series. I have taken a personal interest in this work and I am pleased that there is now a constant structure to the sets and the resources that we will use.
Each teacher will set out clear instructions on how the new additions are to be used and they will be part of the formal work structure that will be used for assessment and reporting.
This structure will form the backbone of our work here at KSOTA and it will provide a consistency of work and emphasis across the year levels.
IEP, extension and remediation and air lesson emphasis will be outside this structure but each classroom teacher will make the links as they are necessitated.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this implementation.
In conclusion I would again like to thank students, Home Tutors, Parents and teachers for their individual and collective efforts to make this term such a productive time. I look forward to Term 3 being a continuation of this positive spirit.

Paul Noble
Principal KSOTA

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