News July 2016

Welcome back to term 3 at KSOTA. I’d like to introduce myself for those of you who I haven’t met as yet. My name is Cathie Bonner and I’ll be acting in the role of Principal for the rest of the year while Paul Noble takes some well-deserved long service leave.
It’s been an exciting and busy start to the term already with plans in place for our senior student’s Canberra camp and junior student’s Mini-camp, both scheduled for the end of this term.
Canberra Camp
As most of you will be aware, the school has experienced funding cuts this year that have made it impossible for us to fully fund the cost of taking the year 5, 6 and 7 students to Canberra. After much consultation, it was agreed that our students should have the opportunity to participate in this cultural learning experience and the P&C have committed to raising a significant portion of the cost of the trip. Over the past month the P&C have been working overtime raising funds to ensure that these students have the opportunity to visit the nation’s Capital. We sincerely thank all involved in the P&C and appreciate the amount of effort required with this level of fund raising. Our students depart Broome for the Canberra Camp on Friday 16th of September and return into Broome on Thursday 22nd September. Attendance has been confirmed and detailed information and documentation will be forwarded over the coming weeks to those families involved. Your prompt attention to returning the required documentation would be appreciated.
Mini Camp
The Mini-Camp has been scheduled for week 10 and will be held at KSOTA school base. Families will camp in the school over-night and the school facilities will be used for activities during the day and evenings. Some activities will also be held next door at Derby District High School (DDHS). There will be limited access to offsite accommodation at the CWA cottage for families with babies. The Mini-camp will run from Monday 19th Sept to Thursday 22nd Sept, Monday and Thursday being travel days. The Mini-camp has been scheduled to align with the Canberra camp to make it easier for the families of senior students to transport their children to and from Broome and to minimise disruption to the school term. The location of the camp was decided with a number of factors in mind; weather, proximity to facilities, staff availability and risk management requirements. Our junior school teachers have been busy planning the detail for the camp and as usual will ensure a significant amount of fun is programmed into the timetable. The camp will include professional learning sessions for parents and tutors and we encourage you to make the most of this opportunity to network and share experiences. Detailed information and attendance forms for this camp will also be forwarded over the coming weeks.
School Development Days (SDD)
Throughout the rest of this year our school has a number of SDDs scheduled, one of which occurred on Monday of this week. The next scheduled SDD is Monday 22nd August (week 6). In the past we have run these days on Friday’s to reduce disruption to Air-Lessons but due to our increasing travel commitments for home visits, we have been unable to manage that on all occasions. These days are important for staff to collaborate on curriculum development, whole school processes and to access the most current information. The upcoming SDD day in August will involve all teaching staff attending an interactive Professional Learning conference to be held at DDHS run by John Flemming, a nationally respected Explicit Instruction education specialist. I apologise for any inconvenience that this non-contact day may cause and appreciate your understanding.
Cancelled Air Lessons Thursday 28th July
Due to all teaching staff being out of the school next Thursday 28th and Friday 29th of July on family visits, we will need to cancel Air Lessons for the Thursday. All teachers will communicate with tutors prior to the day and will forward supplementary work for students to complete off Air. Again, I apologise for this inconvenience but as home visits are of high priority, in this instance it has been unavoidable.
Webinar Opportunity
Please notice in the body of this email and below, a link to a webinar run by Sonic Learning. It is titled: Effective Literacy Instruction – Words, Fluency and Meaning
Click on the link below to register and you will be sent an email which will contain another link. This will take you directly to the location. If you are having any trouble connecting you can contact Amanda Ogg here at KSOTA 1800 816 212.
Webinar available: Tuesday 26 July 3:30 pm EST 1.30 pm WST (everyone who registers will receive a link to the recording which will be available until 12 August).
Duration is 50 minutes. Click Here for the Link

Our first assembly for the term will be held on Wednesday 3rd August at 8.00am. This assembly will be run by the teachers and will be an opportunity to share whole school achievements, discuss upcoming school events and present merit certificates to students who have shown positive attitudes toward their own learning success and individual improvement. I look forward to seeing you all on air in week 3 and to working with you throughout the rest of the year.
Cathie Bonner
Kimberley School of the Air

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