News February 2015

The 2015 school year has well and truly started. The teachers have carried out some visits. We have had base visits as well, and it seems to be business as usual.
I would like to formally welcome our three new teachers. Amanda Ogg, Cathie Bonner and Trent Cremin have all made fantastic starts to their time at KSOTA. I would like to extend a very warm welcome to them all. It is a big jump in many ways, for any teacher coming into the distance education setting and there are many new things to encounter.
I believe, however, that all three of our new team will all have many valid and worthwhile contributions to make to the education of the students at KSOTA.
Welcome also to our new families. Please don’t make a stranger of yourselves. Do not ever hesitate to contact myself or the school if you ever have any questions. We are here to help.
Congratulations to Mr Yeo’s class for their superb effort with our first whole school assembly of the year. I am sure that I am not the only person who was utterly impressed by their great reading in front of an audience. Well done to them and I am looking forward to our next assembly.
As I write, families are in the queue for satellite installation. This can be a lengthy process and once we have sent your information through, it is out of our hands. The weather at this time of the year is, of course, another difficulty that we will always have to contend with. Please rest assured that we endeavour to play our part in the process as quickly as we can.
Please note that the Education Department will not pay for the movement of the satellite dish once the initial installation has taken place. This doesn’t mean that you can’t move it if you make changes to your situation. It just won’t be paid for by the department.
Miss Kerry in the Library is always happy to send books out to students. All we ask is that the students do their best to look after the books when they have them. We have had some books returned in very disappointing condition. Books are very valuable things and part of enjoying them is to take the care to return them on time and in the same condition you received them. We have a great Library and the books are there for all to enjoy.
Some students have had difficulty when they are left during their air lessons. I know that all Home Tutors are busy and hard working people! However it would be appreciated if the younger students get checked on once or twice during the lesson to ensure that they are getting optimal value from their time on air.
Many valuable skills need to be repeated to be mastered. Many young students need to repeat a skill to gain mastery of that skill. I am very keen for the basic skills to be demonstrated by the student before they move on. As adults we are always keen to move on to the next skill. I would like to encourage Home Tutors to encourage the demonstration of mastery of the skills by their students. One or two examples of a sum, for example, may not be conclusive evidence of mastery of the process. Younger students gain valuable confidence by being able to demonstrate mastery of a concept. Reading a passage that they have mastered to an audience is invaluable as boost for their self esteem. I guess that I am keen for students to master their basic skills in order to demonstrate them when required to solve a more complex problem.
School Council members please note that the School Council Meeting for Term 1 will be held on Tuesday 17th March at 11am on Centra (Muster Room).
In closing I would like to acknowledge everyone’s efforts in ensuring a good start to our school year.

Paul Noble

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