News April 2015

Let me start with a huge thank you to everyone for their efforts across the term. Centra has thrown us a few curveballs but all in all there has been a lot to celebrate across the term. A good number of visits took place where the weather permitted, some families got to make base visits and we had two exceptional class assemblies and a wonderful Harmony Day rounded out the term.
Hopefully everyone will have a great Easter break and come back refreshed for second term.

Mr Yeo will take up an acting Principal position terms 2 & 3 at Nullagine RCS day one term 2.
I would like to thank him for all his contributions to our school and wish him all the very best for his time in Nullagine. I am happy to state that Greg has made real and lasting contributions to KSOTA and the school community looks forward to his return in Term 4. Mr Felstead will run the 4/5 in Mr Yeo’s absence.
Home Tutors Camp is looming and Kellie is anxious for paperwork to be returned. This seminar is really the show piece in our calendar and I encourage all families to attend if at all possible. The camp offers the chance for the student to achieve a swimming level, socialise with their school mates, work with their teachers and for year 3, 5 and 7 students to sit NAPLAN with their peers.
A great programme has been organised for the Home Tutors and the week promises to be very rewarding for all who attend.
Please don’t hesitate to call the school if you have any questions or queries about the camp.
I would like to acknowledge the efforts of all the Home Tutors during term 1. It can be at times a daunting and lonely role. I hope all the Home Tutors know that their efforts are valued and that the staff members of KSOTA are always keen to support you in your efforts.
Please don’t ever hesitate to communicate with us here at KSOTA.
Some families have had trouble with their internet allowance. One helpful tip is to check after each session on the computer that everyone is logged off and browsing pages are closed. Being vigilant with this will ensure that your allocation isn’t being needlessly chewed up. This may require adult supervision.

Finally I would like to thank the students for their endeavours across Term 1. I have seen some great work samples and witnessed fantastic assemblies. All of you will be able to enjoy your holidays knowing that you have worked hard during the term!

Paul Noble

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